^ ritsu kageyama from mob psycho 100


don't add a g... :flushed:

i sometimes like to draw but im currently having problems with my art style
i really have no experience in html/css so im using youtube videos to code a lot of the things here


•danganronpa •your turn to die •mob psycho 100 •identity v •cookie run •bandori •prolly lots more

my cat, michelle

Liar's Love Shrine

originally i was planning on making some weird ass website, like one of those creepy, nonsensical ones. with this name, it was possibly going to be based around unhealthy obssession and maybe stuff about organs... the idea was inspired by komaeda love mail/komaeda.neocities.org. anyways, i instead turned it into a site for my dumbass ocs and art stuffs, except i haven't drawn anything new in months.... so adding art to this site is gonna take a while. i made this out of boredom since I'm quarantined, but maybe i should've finished some art first.... maybe i should change the name...