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August 3, 2020

my parents told me that i should be a computer engineer like my dad just because they saw me playing around with code on this site.. but im just doing this for fun. i mean, i dont know what i wanna be yet and i dont have any passions to follow.. im kind of just hoping that i end up in a good paying job. i feel kind of bad though for just copying code from youtube videos because i wanna code things by myself. i took a few lessons on html and css on codeacademy, and i think it helped because i understand box models better i guess. and i learned how to make drop down lists so i'll probably add it somewhere idk. regarding art, i finished some pieces but i really dont like them.. but i'll have to use them for character art. i also wanna decorate/redesign this site because i dont really like how it looks right now, and im starting to add ( half-assed ) "bios" for my ocs. really, i think im becoming the new yanderedev because i procrastinate and is ass at finishing things.

July 25, 2020

im gonna focus on drawing things first and then continue coding on this site because i literally have no art to put in..... sorry :( i created this site at the very end of march and then online school started in april.. so yeah i was hella busy that i didnt code for like three months. but even after school ended i had no motivation to do anything. all i did was play roblox.... but i at least learned how to play guitar!. i finally decided to get back to coding in the last two weeks of my summer break and i only finished one single art piece!! why did i do this to myself,,, but yeah im gonna try to draw now because i'll feel accomplished with something!! waah my dad gave me his book about learning css.... perks of having a dad who codes